National University

Undergraduate Programs in English


What Students Say

Thoughts and advice from current and former students:

The One-Month Format

“. . . the one month class format requires a lot of work on each particular subject, challenging any student to effectively manage their time and course work load. However, the one month course formats also allow for more concentration on each particular subject. This opportunity to study one subject at a time proved to be vital in my growth as a student. By giving me a strict focus on each particular course and its material, one at a time, it allowed me to effectively take in the information from each class, providing me with the rewards of greater knowledge and understanding.”

“Be prepared for the fast-paced schedule. It’s important to keep on track with assignment due dates, making sure to note when major papers or tests are due by. It helps to write out your schedule for the week, and not fall behind on discussion postings because the information in these postings often directly corresponds to what you need to know for exams and papers. . . . Because the program is at a faster pace than traditional programs, it’s important for perspective students to be able to commit their time accordingly in order to successfully complete the workload. Since the program allows you to cater when you work on assignments to your own schedule, it benefits students who simply can’t fit traditional classroom times into their routine. Overall, this program is great for a wide range of students— whether you work, have children, or are new to the college experience.”

“I think that the English B.A. program here at National best fits students who are motivated and self-disciplined. I think the program would be inappropriate for students who lack incentive or educational goals.”

The Online Experience

“My advice would be to actively participate in the online student forums . . . to discuss literary ideas or the assigned readings. It can be lonely going through the program online, but when there is avid discussion on the Blackboard threads, it can turn out to be a very enlightening experience.”

”As someone who has taken both traditional on-site college courses and single-month online courses, I’ve found that studying literature online offers a more diverse experience. With students living across the nation, the online classroom is bursting with unique perspectives and knowledge.”

Preparing for the Capstone Course

“My advice would be to pick a favorite literary work or author ahead of time to focus for your project. Although the Capstone Course is eight weeks long (twice as long as the other courses), it still goes by quickly, and there is not a lot of time to brainstorm the final project before you need to begin researching and writing it.”

Faculty and Staff

“. . . the professors and all the staff connected to the National University BA English program are vital resources that should be looked to constantly for assistance and guidance. These professionals know the material and have helped me countless times.”

“The professors were knowledgeable and encouraged critical thinking and efficient writing.”

“As a previous student at a 4 year university (completed 3 years) I have been able to weigh the pros and cons of an in person vs. online program during each of my classes. What has proved to be perhaps the most important and valuable asset at National has been professor feedback. Professors who offer engaging questions, provide copious feedback on essays and writing assignments as well as additional resources for further study on tangents related to the course material have been paramount to my success and learning experience at the University.”

General Reflections

“I had a very thorough and rewarding experience . . . I definitely recommend the program. Stay focused, motivated, and actively participate and take advantage of every opportunity, and it will be worth it.”

“. . . the program has been challenging beyond my initial expectations. But . . . meeting those challenges has rewarded me with an education that has gone well beyond my expectations as well.”

“I feel like I have received a strong understanding in most of my classes, and have found new areas of interest (sometimes surprising) throughout the course of study.”