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Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

The English program at National University has established a local chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, a prestigious, international honor society with over 880 chapters in the U. S. and abroad. Sigma Tau Delta is the honor society for English majors and other undergraduates and graduates who love writing and literature, who delight in the complexities of language, and who believe in the immense power of the written word to effect positive change.

The benefits of membership in Sigma Tau Delta include:

  • An enhanced resume: Listing membership in an elite honor society will help to distinguish you from the hordes of other college graduates.
  • Publishing opportunities: As a member, you are entitled to submit your work to several print and online journals published by STD.
  • Networking opportunities with STD members from NU and other institutions: This can be the tipping point for a career.
  • Students receive an official certificate of membership and can purchase Sigma Tau Delta insignia and regalia for graduation.
  • Service Opportunities:  Each chapter is encouraged to sponsor service activities centered around the promotion of language and writing. Possibilities include poetry slams, read aloud programs, and the like.
  • Annual convention: As a member, you will be entitled to attend and/or deliver a paper at the STD annual conference.
  • Scholarships and internships:  As a member, you will be entitled to apply for STD-sponsored scholarships and internships.
  • Lifelong community and fellowship:  STD and its many chapters are active around the world.

Membership is open to undergraduates of any major and graduate students in MA programs in English or one of its specializations such as Composition, Creative Writing, Rhetoric, Gender Studies, American Studies, Film, and the like.

Undergraduates:  All majors are welcome. Must have taken two 200-level or higher English or Literature courses in which you received at least a B.  Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $45, which entitles you to lifetime membership.

Graduates: Must have completed two graduate courses in an English or related program with an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Contact: Dr. John Miller at