“This has been the most rigorous accomplishment of my academic career, but also the one that brings me the most pride.”

“First of all, it was a relief to find a Master’s program in English completely online. I have a one year old child and needed to strictly go to school online. NU made that possible and the classes were excellent. The program was nicely detailed and organized with what was expected of each student, the professors/ my advisors were always available when I needed help or had questions. The work load was manageable and expectations were reasonable. Overall, I feel like I learned a lot and was able to get my degree faster than if I had gone to a local university here in VA.”

“The strengths of the program include the flexibility to take courses one month at a time and because the courses are offered each month, students have the opportunity to choose the topic of most interest for that course. With a course such as Seminar in a Major Author, for example, students can enroll in the course for an author he or she is most interested in studying, etc. Also, the instructors have been great. All have been very knowledgeable and were able to make the course materials comprehensible. Courses were well planned and text selection was also very good and met the course objectives. I liked the diversity of the texts in that some I read were new to me and some I had read before. Each allowed me to take deepen my analysis and learn new insights.”

“The variety of topics offered allowed me to choose in areas that I am interested in.”

“The fast pace yet rigorous classes are ideal for military spouses like me.  The largest majority of professors and students are professional and dedicated to the program with positive attitudes.”

“The strengths of this program include its high level of academic expectation, the quality of its instructors, and the flexibility in its scheduling.  Your program obviously appeals to working people who can “squeeze” in a class here or there; but also to people like me who have tried other programs and desire to work as fast as possible toward their goals.  Typically if you find a program that is flexible or fast-paced, their academic standing is not credible.  National has all those things and more.  There were a few instructors that were less outstanding than others, in my opinion; but they are far and few between the rest of the excellent members of your faculty.   I would not change a thing regarding the wonderful overall experience that I had with National.”

“In my opinion, the program covered major literary periods, themes, and criticism. It helped students engage in effective discussions about literary texts. In addition, the courses encouraged diverse interpretations of texts and were open to a variety of readings. Finally, the program culminated with the capstone project that required students to produce a scholarly article that they could then work on publishing in an academic journal.”

“I felt it was a challenging program. I learned an extensive amount in each course and expanded my base of knowledge.  I truly feel prepared to instruct at the college level, a confidence I did not have prior to this program. THANK YOU!    Every teacher I had was accessible and willing to answer any questions I had. Expectations were high, but reasonable. All of my instructors were very professional, but provided a “human element” which I appreciated in an online program.”

“The class I took on critical theories of literature was excellent, as were both writing classes I took (creative non-fiction and poetry). They taught me things I didn’t know, but more than according knowledge, they made sure I practiced what I knew so that I could make it my own.”

“I was surprised at how much of a discussion one can have in an online program. I really felt that the classes were online communities with people I knew and I was usually very engaged in the course work. The library was also a great resource.”

“The level of academic discussion and the rigorous and rewarding pace covered all of the essentials and exceeded my expectations.”

“The MA in English Program at NU exceeded my expectations. The “extra work” that one has to do at NU, in order to get the MA, is worth it!  From a “technical” (IT) standpoint: I was surprised that the whole online interface rarely had glitches; thus doing everything online (whether logging in to a given course to do work and/or to post stuff, or logging in to the library to search for materials) was rather easy, as well as easily navigable, which I believe is a HUGE deal when working online to get a degree. Thank you for the attentiveness of the IT staff as well as the library staff. Both teams have always been helpful and efficient whenever I’ve had to call them in the past year.  The professors here are terrific, and most of them show a great amount of passion for what they do, as well as possess keen knowledge of the necessary subject matter(s).”

“I loved all of the program. The professors were well versed in their subjects, I enjoyed the variety of courses offered, and I appreciated the engaging discussions with my fellow classmates.”

“1. The program offers the latest technology with interactive class setup, well designed program and best resources.  2. Professors are professionals with great respect for their students.  3. Professors are attentive to the students’ needs.  4. Units are designed properly to facilitate the student’s learning process and to enhance their knowledge.”

“The program was helpful in making me a better writer and understanding the complexity of literature. There are many teachers that were very helpful and understanding and offered good constructive criticism. The variety of literature that I was exposed to greatly enhanced my knowledge of American and world literature.”