Specialization in Rhetoric

banner image: rhetoric books on library shelfLead Faculty: Dr. Christine Photinos  cphotinos@nu.edu

The Specialization in Rhetoric provides a program of graduate study in literature as well as a wide range of cultural production, from classical oration to contemporary cinema, with particular attention paid to how language and image are used to produce various effects and meanings. Students study literary texts and other cultural artifacts across a variety of media forms, developing readings that are grounded in contextual understanding. They complete course work in literary studies, classical and modern rhetoric, composition pedagogy, media studies, and film studies. The prescribed curriculum contains several variable-topic courses, allowing students to pursue broad program goals in topic areas matched to their individual interests. The program is appropriate for students seeking preparation for doctoral study or college-level teaching in English and related fields, or general cultural enrichment.

Specialization Requirements (4 courses; 18 quarter units)

Core Requisite(s):


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