Admission to the Online MFA in Creative Writing Program

Application Requirements

To speak with an admissions adviser, please call online admissions at (619) 563-7123, or email

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the University graduate admission requirements listed in the general information. In addition, applicants in creative writing should submit portfolios of their writing directly to: The portfolio should include 20-30 pages of your best creative writing in one genre or a combination of genres. Based on the portfolio, applicants may be advised to complete one or more of the following undergraduate courses prior to enrolling in the advanced writing workshops:

ENG 365 – Creative Writing
Prerequisite: ENG 100, and ENG 101
LIT 443 – World of the Short Story
Prerequisite: LIT 100
LIT 446 – Studies in Poetry
Prerequisite: LIT 100
LIT 450 – Studies in the Novel
Prerequisite: LIT 100
LIT 456 – Studies in Drama
Prerequisite: LIT 100

If the portfolio is approved, students are free to begin the program without additional required coursework.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

The MFA program in Creative Writing has no program-specific scholarships, but there are university scholarships and students may be eligible for financial aid. More can be learned on the NU website at

The direct number to Financial Aid is (858) 642-8500