The National University MFA in Creative Writing program is a unique educational experience that combines rigor, value, and convenience. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our terrific students and alumni have to say:

Cary Bertoncini: Just after completing an M.A. in English at NU, I began my first job in Korea, where I was a writing instructor for a government teacher training institute. While there, I worked on and completed NU’s MFA in Creative Writing. I was certainly busy, but I also actually found that being a student while working often helped me to be a better teacher. Now, I am teaching for a great little university in Shantou, China, where I also have started a little creative writing workshop. Though I am not regularly teaching creative writing courses, I consistently have found ways to apply creative writing and workshop techniques and ideas to my classroom teaching, and have published two journal articles on the subject of using poetry and creative writing in EFL classrooms. NU’s Creative Writing Program has definitely helped me develop my skills and confidence as a writer, but it has also helped me to be a better teacher, husband, father – it has helped me become better at being me.

joyJoy Cheriel Brown: “I chose to attend National University because they offered a Creative Writing Program that featured Screenwriting that I could take online, which was essential because of my hectic schedule.  I immensely enjoyed the inventive assignments in the program. Also, I had professors who taught me invaluable lessons in Screenwriting. Since graduating from the program, my thesis script has made the finals of the One-in-Ten Screenplay Contest, the semifinals of the Great Gay Screenplay Contest, and recently has been accepted into the Washington, DC chapter of Women in Film and Video’s Spotlight on Screenwriters Catalogue that will be shopped around to Hollywood producers. Attending National University was an essential step in my screenwriting career.”

Mary Catania: “As a professional writer, National University’s MFA in Creative Writing Program helped me achieve success in both the corporate and literary world. The MFA taught me how to critically read and write under tight deadlines, trained me on how to provide and receive constructive criticism, and exposed me to both renowned and rare authors. I felt enriched, imaginative, and inspired every day in class. Writing can be a very solitary field at times, and the MFA created a community of creativity. Most of all, it gave me the structure and discipline to complete a publishable manuscript, which I am now shopping to literary agents.”


khadiKhadi Johnson: “National University’s Creative Writing program is phenomenal! I felt comfortable reaching out to my professors whenever I needed feedback and always heard back within a day. Not only were they accessible and encouraging, they were also a talented group of writers who understood how to hone in on each individual writer’s voice and push the limits of creativity. I will be forever grateful to them for the role they played in finding my voice and courage as a writer. Since earning my MFA at NU, I work as a Creative Writing Instructor, leading writing workshops for young writers aged 8-17 at a National Non-Profit, in addition to working as a Technical Writer for a local federal contractor. But best of all, I recently secured my dream literary agent. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to return to school and pursue my passion for writing at NU!”

Pascale “Tia” Louissaint: The MFA program at NU offered me something beyond a great learning experience. My professors’ inspirational feedback on my work included one of several powerful tools that built my creativity. The instructors’ critiques focused on developing my own unique identity as a writer, and I appreciated their prompt responses to any concerns or questions I had.  The level of respect shown to me by the faculty exceeded my expectations for a graduate program. Additionally, they not only praise success but also cooperate when students struggle. I recommend this program to anyone who desires to mature artistically in their own skin.

Dr. Dale McSherry: “I still remember the first class I took in my MFA here at National University; I was concerned that I wouldn’t be up par with the rest of the class. It had been almost twenty-three years since I took any instruction or course work. But the professor made all of us feel right at home, assisted us in the direction we needed to go with gentle nudging – and I was off to a great start. In fact, all the professors were wonderful – with each bringing their profession expertise to the table. Most of these classes were students from all walks of life, various careers, professional people, many older – like myself. I wasn’t sure if I would fit in – being a practicing doctor – and also living in such a remote place – the Big Island of Hawaii. But I found that there were many students that lived, not only throughout the United States, but various parts of the world too. In fact, their experiences as well as the different cultures really added a greater quality to many of my classes.”


sareSare Ozturk: “There is a phrase that is used in Turkish as an adverb to describe things that go smoothly: tıkır tıkır. From the moment I made the first call to National University as a prospective overseas student to the day of my graduation and beyond (when I needed to get back into contact with NU for matters relating to the university), everything went tıkır tıkır. I was blessed with patient, kind, professional advisors and professors. I never had a question unanswered. No technological crises. Not a single grade dissatisfied me. Feedback from my peers and professors pushed me into professional growth. I loved what I got from the university. I am grateful for having had the experience of being a student at National University. Loved every bit of it. And as Barney Stinson form the TV show How I Met Your Mother says, “True Story.”


Debra Patterson: “I had the privilege of attending National University, and my experience was enhanced by my professor/mentor Amina Cain. It was a high point in my life. With my professors’ guidance, and as well as feedback from my peers, I have gained the knowledge and understanding necessary to be successful in my endeavors. As I pursue my dreams, I look back with appreciation and fondness for the time spent with my professors, peers, and the literacy rich environment at National University. Thank you Professors at National University for sharing your creative advice and expertise; it is truly a University of Excellence!”